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Shiba's Quest is a 3D adventure-platformer set in Feudal Japan, in which a Shiba Inu dog goes in search of his master who has gone to fight in the war.


- Movement: WASD or Left stick

- Jump: Spacebar or "A" button.

- For testing purposes: L to Respawn

- Dialogue: Enter or Y button

*Controller support works within the game itself, it is not fully implemented into menus yet.*

We are DreamDoge Entertainment, a group of university students who have a passion for producing media based content.

Team Members:

Luke Avis: Animator

Samantha Chui: Animator

Mitch Smith: Programmer

Tristan Ibanez: Game Designer - Forest Level, Village Level, Hometown Cutscene

Nathan Sharp: Game Designer - Samurai Level, Boss Arena

If you do play our game it would be great if you could fill out this questionnaire,it's not too long, I promise: https://goo.gl/forms/YN41C5zrhq6Kw1Kp2.

Make sure to set the quality settings to Good or Beautiful for the optimal experience.

Special Thanks:

Carlos and Brad...

This game is currently a work-in-progress, some core mechanics are missing but the general idea of the game is present.

Patch Notes:

v1.2.3 Patch:

- Added a new player controller that supports multi-directional movement using a controller and camera rotation.
- Added work in progress combat to the samurai level.
- Added work in progress enemies to the samurai level.

v1.2.2 Patch:

- Added cutscene skip to hometown cutscene
- Updated credits
- Changed tags on walls in village
- Fixed pause menu glitch that caused the character to float into the air after un-pausing in a cutscene
- Changed dialogue in Pt3 of hometown cutscene to girl rather then mum for one line

v.1.2.1 Patch:

- Added more collider to end of forest level
- Added pause menu to hometown cutscene
- Updated credits
- Changed dialogue button to Y on xbox controller to stop conflicts with jumping.

v1.2 Patch:

- Added hometown cutscene
- Improved lighting in samurai level
- Added controller dialogue input
- Added Boss level arena
- Added ending?
- Updated camera for all levels
- Updated mist in samurai level
- Added audio track to forest and samurai level
- Added pit to second jump pad
- Added portal to end of samurai level

v1.1.2 Patch:

- Added enter key dialogue button to show what button to press.
- Added outro scene to village.
- Updated main menu.
- Added instructions dialogue at start of forest.
- Added hole to warzone.
- Fixed intro village dialogue from activating again when hitting the entry trigger.
- Made credit text on main menu lighter.
- Removed flowers from village end gate.

v1.1.1 Patch:

- Fixed colliders on third checkpoint and fourth checkpoint.
- Stopped quality setting from defaulting to fastest.
- Added black bars to cinematics.
- Added new jump pad signs.
- Fixed second jump pad by disabling movement longer.
- Adjusted text on main menu screen.
- Adjusted text dialogue box size depending on screen resolution.

v1.1 Patch:

- Improved lighting in Samurai level.
- Added checkpoints and kill player volumes to Samurai level.
- Fixed samurai level select in main menu.
- Added pause menu's to all levels.


- Initial upload.


Shiba's Quest v1.2.3.zip 165 MB
Shiba's Quest v1.2.2.zip 172 MB
Shiba's Quest v1.2.1.zip 168 MB


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Nice little game. Interesting story, chill OST, and I really enjoy the core gameplay! There are issues I have with the game though, such as:

- It's really easy to abuse physics to walk in the air a lot of the time, which can save you from dying, which makes the game a bit too easy.

- Imo there's really no need for a cutscene at the very first checkpoint.

- I really wish there was actual combat, rather than just running circles around the enemies.

- Camera turns WAY too slow on controller, would appreciate if this was fixed.

Overall though, pretty decent. Looking forward to future updates!

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Alright, we're back with a progress update on Shiba's Quest - V 1.2.1. As always if you see something you like, give the devs a shoutout and follow the game.

This was taken at v1.1, seems this dev is very active in their updates, which is cool to see.

Let me know when you got a new level or two out. ^^

Here's a quick look at the game with the new patch. If, you like what you see be sure to give the dev a shout out and download the game.